Cath Little ~ Tales for the Turning Year.
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Cath Little - Beyond Story Time

Cath Little ~ Turning Tales

These Turning Year shows are inspired by the ancient Welsh legends collected in The Mabinogion. They are suitable for adults and children over 12.


The Lady of the Fountain

Cath shares a wonder tale from the Welsh Court of King Arthur. Travel with her in the tale to the Fountain Well at the edge of the world. Drink deeply the clear story water from the Well of Wisdom and return to this world again refreshed!


Under the Green Hill
– Songs and Stories from Faerie Realms

Picture a green hill. Under the grass and mud is a stone door. Listen now to the old songs and the old stories that can open up the door of stone and let us in.


Praise for Under the Green Hill:

“Your Rhiannon was filled with grace and passion.”
“Varied, expressive, heart-warming – wych!”
“You transported me – thank you.”


Cauldron of Inspiration

Once upon a time there was a mother who loved her son so much that she brewed for him the gift of Inspiration… Stories and songs inspired by the journey of Taliesin, wonderful son of the wise mother Ceridwen.